Polymer Chemistry @ University of Glasgow


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Our Research

Our group is working on four different topics in synthetic polymer science:

  1. Hydrophilic polymers for self-assembly and phase separations
  2. Polymer/Metal-organic framework hybrid materials
  3. Carbon Nitride in polymer chemistry
  4. Lignin-based polymer materials

We mainly work with controlled radical polymerization techniques as well as modular ligation reactions and photochemistry for the development of novel materials.

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The Group

We are a multi-national team of chemists and materials scientists but we are always looking for skilled and motivated coworkers.

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Here are some examples of our work:

Morphogenesis of Metal-Organic Mesocrystals Mediated by Double Hydrophilic Block Copolymers in Journal of the American Chemical Society

Lignin-derived polymeric surfactants for emulsion polymerization of styrene in Polymer

Vesicles of double hydrophilic pullulan and poly(acrylamide) block copolymers: A combination of synthetic- and bio-derived blocks in Polymer Chemistry

Reinforced Hydrogels via Carbon-Nitride Initiated Polymerization in Macromolecules

Water-in-water Pickering emulsion stabilized by polydopamine particles in Biomacromolecules

Electrostatic Stabilization of Carbon Nitride Colloids in Organic Solvents Enables Stable Dispersions and Transparent Homogeneous CN-Films for Optoelectronics in Journal of the American Chemical Society

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